How we treat

What we offer

Our aim is to find the cause of your pain and treat it correctly and sufficiently. To reach this aim, we talk to you, examine you, guide you through all the diagnostic measures needed to identify the cause of your pain and to develop in consultation with you your individual treatment schedule – from conservative treatment to minimally-invasive procedures, from outpatient to inpatient surgical treatment.

The treatment we deliver

Our range of treatment of unspecific and specific pain

As opposed to unspecific back pain from muscular tension, often treated sufficiently with increased activity, physiotherapy and pain medication, it is the specific back pain that needs our full attention and focus to correctly identify the cause of pain and to thoroughly weigh up all treatment options to provide the best possible treatment for you.

In our practices, we deliver diagnosis and treatment according to current scientific guidelines and up-to-date surgical techniques.

The range of spine pathologies treated by us is herniated (“slipped”) intervertebral disc (cervical, thoracic, lumbar), other disc pathologies related to degeneration (wearing), osteoporosis with traumatic or non-traumatic fractures of vertebral bodies, the so-called post-discectomy-syndrome related to the development of scar-tissue on the site of a previous surgery, spinal canal stenosis, sliding vertebrae, deformity of the spine including scoliosis, any post-traumatic condition leading to pain, rheumatic disease involving the spine, primary and secondary tumors of the spine, infections and inflammation of the vertebral body (spondylitis) and the vertebral disc (spondylodiscitis) and abscess in the spinal canal. In case of persistent pain with lack of response to conservative treatment and/or if indicated according to medical and surgical guidelines, we are experienced specialist spinal surgeons operating on our patients at a nearby-hospital – either as inpatient or as outpatient surgeries – in all of the above mentioned pathologies. In case of tumors, we work closely together with the oncologist involved. Should you require emergency treatment (e.g. in case of acute infection), we work together with your nearby hospital to ensure you receive appropriate treatment on time.

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