Our practices

We’re here for you – at two different locations

We welcome you at our practice in Glan-Münchweiler as well as at the private practice in Kaiserslautern.

Making an appointment

Where you can make an appointment is determined by your health insurance

We see patients insured through German Statutory Health Insurance exclusively in Glan-Münchweiler as this is where we are contractors with the association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians. Therefore, we are unable to see these patients in Kaiserslautern. However, privately insured patients as well as self-pay patients and patients with medical insurances from foreign countries (e.g. US healthcare insurances) can be treated at both medical practices, preferably in Kaiserslautern. With this arrangement, we are happy to be in the position to treat everybody in need of treatment.

Locating us:


Near motorway junction A 6 and A 63, motorway exit Kaiserslautern Centrum

Brüsseler Straße 7
67657 Kaiserslautern
phone: +49 631 / 343 776 00
fax: +49 631 / 343 776 01

Opening hours
Monday-Friday 8 am – 2 pm

RWZ Glan-Münchweiler

Für gesetzlich Versicherte, Privatversicherte und Selbstzahler


Near motorway A 62, between Landstuhl and Kusel

Bahnhofstraße 3
66907 Glan-Münchweiler
phone: +49 6383 / 336 993 0
fax: +49 6383 / 336 993 1

Opening hours
Monday and Thursday 8 am – 5 pm
Wednesday 8 am – 3 pm

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