You are suffering from back pain? Our holistic approach to back-pain treatment puts you into the center of our efforts.

Our holistic approach

Your individual treatment schedule

You are suffering from back pain? We have specialized to identify the cause of your pain, provide thorough expert advice and jointly agree with you on a schedule for your treatment, based on your needs. This may include prescription of physiotherapy and other adjacent therapies as a first step, often combined with prescription of custom-tailored pain medication depending on the cause of pain. These non-invasive first measures may be followed by injection of pain-reducing and inflammation-limiting agents into the tissues surrounding the cause of pain (e.g. near a nerve root), targeting the precise location through CT scan.

Should all of this not provide sufficient reduction of pain, an entire range of surgical measures and techniques are being offered and performed, reaching from small operations like removal of protruded spinal disc material compressing a nerve, to large-scale operations, e.g. of rare causes of pain like scoliosis, involving correction of the axis of the spine. If indicated, accompanying measures like psychotherapeutic consultations exploring emotional distress as a potential cause or amplifier of pain and a guideline to the handling of the results of the exploration are provided.

Throughout the entire process of your treatment, we are here for you.

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